Junior Maths

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Gingerbread men and numbers to 10

Make the Gingerbread

Count, Match and Order

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Match the Christmas trees

100 Snowballs

Make Snowball patterns out of 100 snowballs

Teddy Numbers

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Christmas Maths

Counting, sequencing, ordering

Order the ornaments

Christmas Pairs

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Make Christmas Paper

Present sorting

Middle to Senior


Operation Snowman

Click on the correct operation to solve the maths problem

Christmas Mahjong 1

Match the pairs
Click on another layout to play a different version

Kawaii Christmas

Match the pictures in groups of three
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Patterns of 3

Make patterns of 3 with the Christmas lights

Time game

Christmas Solitaire

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Merry Christmas Math Fact Fun

Christmas decimal game

Fling the Elf

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree Co-ordinates

Present Stacker

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Presents in the snow

Rudolph Rescue

For the teacher

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Lots of great ideas using the Gingerbread theme